Class 1

Paintings, Pictures, Photographs

Key Learning Goals - Art:

2.3 Use painting and photography as a means of their own self-expression and views of the world

2.4 Be able to choose materials and techniques for their paintings and photography

2.5 Be able to explain and discuss their own painting and photos with others

2.6 Be able to talk about works of art, about subject matter and what interests them, and give reasons for their opinions

Key Learning Goals - Geography:

2.05 Be able to use geographical terms

2.08 Be able to use maps at a variety of scales to locate the position and geographical features of particular localities

2.09 Be able to use secondary sources to obtain geographical information

2.11 Be able to communicate their geographical knowledge and understanding to ask and answer questions about geographical and environmental features

Key Learning Goals - Science:

2.1 Be able to carry out simple investigations into light and colour

Key Learning Goals - Technology:

2.02 Be able to design and make products to meet specific needs

2.03 Be able to make usable plans

2.05 Be able to use simple tools and equipment with some accuracy

2.06 Be able to identify and implement improvements to their designs and products

2.07 Be able to identify the ways in which products in everyday use meet specific needs

2.08 Be able to suggest improvements to products in everyday use

The Big Idea

We see visual images all around us every day and they are produced for a variety of purposes. Some help us by providing important information, some entertain us, some are a record of an event or person at one time and some advertise. We need to be able to interpret and use all different forms of visual representation in our daily lives.

In Art, we’ll be finding out:



In Geography, we’ll be finding out:



In History, we’ll be finding out:



In ICT, we’ll be finding out:


Collage - BrainPOP Jr

Colors - BrainPOP Jr

Elements of Art - BrainPOP Jr

Georgia O'Keeffe - BrainPOP Jr

Ezra Jack Keats - BrainPOP Jr

Pablo Picasso – BrainPOP Jr

Sculpture - BrainPOP Jr

Dr. Seuss – BrainPOP Jr

Taking Photos – BrainPOP Jr

Vincent Van Gogh – BrainPOP Jr

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Artists Collection

From prehistoric cave painters to the Impressionists, and 20th-century artists such as Paul Klee, this virtual gallery contains examples of styles created and popularised by famous artists.

A sense of place

See Milton Keynes through artists' eyes! Meet artists and learn how a local landscape can inspire their work. An ideal source of inspiration for a whole-class project based on your local area.

Contemporary art gallery

Visit an art gallery without leaving your classroom! This module contains videos about famous artists from different eras. Audio guides introduce and explain each work of art.

Exploring sculpture

Explore the lives and works of 20th-century British sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth and take a virtual trip the wonderful Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

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A useful website with collections organised by type and artist.

The Museum of Modern Art, New York official website.

A website linking the Tate museums in the U.K with a selection of work by different artists.

Website for the Los Angeles county museum of Art.

South Australian art gallery online with collections organised by category.

Ideas for art activities and art organised by type and time period.

Website dedicated to the work of artist Georges Seurat.

This website shows a large number of early cave paintings.

This website shows a recording of early cave paintings found in France.

The National Portrait Gallery, London official website.

The National Portrait Gallery, Australia official website.

The Smithsonian National portrait Gallery, USA official website.

Suggested art activities and projects foe children.

A selection of optical illusions for children.

A website with many different static and moving optical illusions.

This website has examples of graffiti from around the world.

This website shows the 3D street art of artist Julian Beever with many picture examples. in-london/

This website shows the collection of 3D elephants made by various artists that were displayed around the streets of London and several other UK cities. Many of which were later sold for charity.

Suggested art activities/projects and articles – a website aimed at teachers.

Website allowing you to find locations around the world on a map.

Website allowing you to find locations around the world on a map. This website offers an overview of some well known landscape photographers.

This website offers an introduction to landscape photography.

This website includes details of an exhibition about the Picasso Guitars


This website contains a video of pouncing technique.

This explains the process of chromatography.

This website tells you all about the exhibition. The images are also available from the book of the same name.

This shows a clip of a portrait artist using pouncing.

A You tube clip featuring the making of a £d street scene by Julian Beever for the latest Transformer movie in New York.

A YouTube clip of a 3D street scene being produced.