Let's Pretend

Key Learning Goals:

-Be able to play simple rhythms with a steady beat

-Know a number of songs and other pieces of music

The big idea

Role play is a well-established feature of most early years.  The Foundation Stage guidance makes clear the importance of role play for all children in the age range and stresses that it is a powerful learning medium for the entire curriculum.

Development of imaginative skills through role play is included in the learning goals for creative development, and it is possible to see in the 'stepping stones' contained in the curriculum some of the many ways in which children develop these imaginative skills and dispositions. Fundamental to this development is the movement from parallel to co-operative play, and using objects symbolically as they re-enact their first-hand experiences.

Musical Alphabet

Musical Instruments

Percussion Instruments

Pitch, Tone & Beat

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Sing & pretend

Encourage imaginative play through ten differently themed songs including ToysTransport and Building houses.

Everyday sounds

Experiment with instruments to create the sounds that we hear around us.

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Twinkle resources

Fairy Tales Compilation | Three Little Pigs | Humpty Dumpty | and lots more